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When are you due?

Due date is August 5th

Do you know what you're having?

We really hope it's a human, if it's a litter of puppies you can have one. All ultrasounds point to human though (sorry).

Do you have any names picked out?

OMG we're supposed to name them?!? They don't come with a name certificate like a Cabbage patch doll?

No we have not chosen a name and no, we don't want suggestions and no, don't bring it up.

We won't be sharing names till baby is born, gotta meet 'em to figure out what a good name for them will be.

Where are you going to be delivering?

Were not openly sharing that information. If you'd like to stop by. Please reach out directly for more information.

How far along are you?

This isn't updated on a regular basis. Due date is August 5th, 2023, which marks 40 weeks, go backward, you got this.

Here's links to handy charts with sizing

Car parts comparison

Fruit and veggies comparison

Are you excited?

Yes, we're very excited. And hungry so we're gonna go get a bite to eat.


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