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Week 24

Hi everyone,

Yesterday marked 24 weeks which is a comforting milestone since this marks the earliest point that baby can survive on their own outside the womb. Also totally insane to think we're at the 6th month mark already!

Baby is squirming much more which is still such a wild feeling. We've got another check-up later this week (no ultrasound) and are excited to check how I'm doing.

Each week I've thought, wow I'm tired, my back, hips, etc are sore, and this week is no exception. It just keeps getting a bit more intense with each passing week. So, very slow on tasks and as all my organs are shifting around im also finding it harder to breath when doing things like squatting down to clean baseboards and tie my shoes.

Mood swings might also be picking up, but I think I'm just less inclined to put up with crap that normally I'd be more polite about. So you've been warned.

Thanks everyone for being so excited to follow along on this journey with Vinny and I. Were so happy to have such wonderful and supportive people in our lives.



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