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Week 22

Hi Everyone,

As more people are finding out, since well, I simply can't hide it anymore, Welcome!

I'm working on doing weekly blog posts to keep you all updated on the pregnancy.

I'm working on a notification for when new weekly updates are published you can get a notification and keep in the know. Will update in future post with the notification sign up link.

Not too much to go over, at the March appointment babies' size was good. In the 57th percentile, right in the middle for weight and growing perfect.

Baby is moving a lot more, which is crazy. Feels like what I imagine eating a giant goldfish would feel like and having it move, I guess? So wild.

Nausea is still hanging around and having major food aversions. No cooked mushrooms, peanut butter, or cooked egg smells, please!

Other than that, a good amount of energy and really enjoying this time.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or any topics you'd like me to cover in my next post!

Thanks for reading!

Kira Posey

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